Monday, January 17, 2011

Craft Room Update!

A little background to the lumber: When I still lived at home with my parents I had over 15 cockatiels and I had build them a very large aviary for them to live in with a cabinet underneath all together it was 6'W x 7.5'H x 2.5'D.  When I moved out the birds were sent to live in various places, I kept my favorites; the aviary was disassembled. When my husband and I bought our home the aviary parts came with us. Though, I only have a few birds now, I didn't have a need for the aviary to be put back together, so it sat in pieces for years in our garage.
             It has a purpose again and it felt good to reminisce in the pieces of the old aviary, now, my new desk. I still would like to clean up the edges with some trim and to paint it. Have not decided yet if I would like to keep the natural would look and stain it or to paint it... If I stain it will have to be protected with a coat of poly. If I paint it i think I will make it all white with blue trim, the same blue I used in our laundry room (you will be informed of it soon enough when I do a finished basement tour)

Here is the desk top.
and the before painted taped checker pattern.

The smaller piece I used to made a shelving unit and the piece to the left is the bottom shelf of the desk. I have not decided what i want to do with the larger piece on the right. I don't really want to cut it. I think I'll save it for another project. I will need to pick up some more supplies at the Home Depot to finish the top half of the desk. I want some small shelves made with thinner wood than what I have.

Since I had this whole cut in the top of this sheet of plywood for a large shallow Tupperware to fit into (so I could have a place for the bird food and keep the food contained). I checked to see if my existing Tupperware I use for my paper packs  would fit before I picked this sheet to used. They FIT! I like having my papers on hand like this. Helps me be more creative.
    I also have put wood putty over all the wholes and screws so that I can finish desk up nice.

The underside of the desk where the buckets stick out.

I found this sarong at a thrift store and got it. I later thought it would be cute as a window valance. I just used tacks to hang it up and used orange ribbon to tie it up.

Finished painting with the dark green, ready to remove the tape!

I love this, it makes me happy.

The ceiling is painted the wall I want the desk up against is finished and the trim is painted. I think I am ready to Finish up the desk then move my craft stuff down to my new pretty room. I still have the mural to finish but I figured that I would have that be updated in my craft videos as the wall the camera will film if I used the web cam is that wall.

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  1. Looks great! Like your paper storage, how convenient. You sure have been working hard :0)