Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Black Cat Scraps is back for the NEW YEAR!

  Oh boy, I have been quite busy since my last video, I have been priming, painting, designing our basement that has been freshly remodeled and also planning how my new craft room will be set up. So sorry everyone who watches my craft videos and has looked on my channel and has seen none, I have had less time to focus on videos; I am still filming some and still plan on having Black Cat Scraps a weekly video entry thing. Also, my husband goes back to school on the 18th so I will have one less distraction and more quite down time...

   I am doing some footage of how the craft room designer wall is progressing. I found this pattern online and I love it. I am recreating a larger version on my wall. With the pictures of the mural in each stage of the project you will be amazing to see how it is coming along.

The theme is rockin' punk. I want it to be young, hip, and fresh. AND VIBRANT. We live in a world of color and often the interior of our homes are painted white. My house has been white for too long.

The lighting is off here but the color of the wall it the light lime green like the outer green in the other picture
Design is one of my favorite things to do, especially painting patterns and such on walls.
  This is a work in progress and I am having fun with it. All these new ideas I can do with the room pop in my head all the time. I have started painting a star over all the outlets. Then planned lightning bolts on either side of the star in the dark green.

Above the purple wall trim I want to paint a checker board pattern along the bottom, either at the bottom half of the entire wall or just a few feet tall from the floor
This is what I did for my daughter Shiori's room. A beautiful weave pattern. Took a lot of time taping, a lot of tape and a very short time painting. In each of the open squares at the top of the room, so that the girls can't take them down, I taped wooden characters, cute decorations I found at Hobby Lobby.

Be sure to also follow how I plan to paint the Den. I will be so cool and elegant I can't wait til the the supplies are ready.

Click here to see pic of the current progress 

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