Monday, May 2, 2011

ScrapGenious: how to make Butterflies of metal

   Scrap ingeniously with ScrapGenious   

   If you have ever wanted to make your own embellishments for a project for scrapbooking or a card here are  some really fun and simple ways to make some butterfly embellishments by just using either a light gauge wire or using pliers and paper clips.

     If you have it around like I do, from all the parties I have saved them from, you can use tissue papers to add color to these butterflies. Also in my local grocery store I can find tissue paper in the gift and card section, so I'm sure your grocer should have it too. These butterflies also make wonderful window decorations!

This video is actually part one of making butterflies I had a whole other half to this video that I decided to cut shorted cause that video was 17 min long. So there is another juicy part coming soon. I haven't decided the timing schedule of the ScrapGenious series yet nor when I want to incorporate other non project videos.

     If you follow me on you tube and would like to make a suggestion on when you would like the regular scheduled videos to be along with the ScrapGenious vids feel free to comment below!

Here are my thoughts,

Mondays: ScrapGenious
Thursdays: Card vid

or Tuesdays: ScrapGenious
    Fridays: Card vid

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