Monday, May 16, 2011

Sexy slit back and sleeves T-shirt recon by: Black Cat Scraps

just wanted to express some thanks to everyone out there in the world who has watched this video Thanks. It is the most popular video on my channel and i am very proud of it.
   I really want to make a few more of these but I can't pick which ideas I want to use. Finding the right shirt makes a differences too.  I just got a do it.

This idea is really easy to do. there are some shirts that I recommend that you don't use.

shirts that work:
 regular cotton T's work great, long sleeve or short sleeve
especially shirts with no side seams

ok shirts to use
elastic type stretch shirts work ok if they are not snug fit.

shirts that don't work
ribbed shirts like A shirts (white wide strapped undershirts)

Tools that make this job easier. Fabric scissors or brand new regular scissors. Fabric requires a sharp edge to cut it so scissors used to cut up paper are too dull a will make working difficult.

a rotary cutter will work too. just put some thing thick or difficult to cut along the edge point where you are cutting to as a stop so that you don't roll too far and cut more than you need.

   Sleeve options you can cut the sleeves in several different ways, slits like in the video, you can "knit"(I use the word knit because that is the same concept of what kitting is based off of) the slits or you can leave them alone.
   Another way to cut up the sleeves is using a brick pattern. By making one slit and then two small slits like a dashed line parallel to the first slit with the two point of the second row of slits is in the center of the first. just like bricks.   You could also cut the sleeves in an altering pattern either on the sides or top of you arm and bottom. so each row is either on the top and the next row is center in the back. you may want to keep the length of the cut for this style short so that it will be easier to put your arm through the sleeve.

If finding a shirt with a graphic design that you like is difficult then you can always get a blank canvas and add fabric paint, dye, spray paint or acrylic paint. even some fruits stain and could help you add some design.

Thanks always for stopping by and see you around!

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