Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Cat Scraps-Music Sheet ...Merry Christmas, Card 7

I had some trouble with this card and this one that i finished was my third try. It seem like a simple concept in my head. What seemed to make it more difficult was the string and the fact that I wanted more of the song to show rather than having like four note and it not really look as real as I wanted it. I think I will do a simpler version to see if the Idea can be a simple one like I had thought originally. I had trouble with the string in the beginning because I had it just wrapped around and my spacings needed to be the same and I tried tape but it was still to hard to control. Also didn't help that I had attempted this card very late at night and my brain was not functioning very well and what made card one fail was in the beginning I repeated the 3 and 4 on the second row of lines and I didn't want it like that. Failed two and also failed attempt one was drew on the G-clef* and it looked funny then I counted my strings I wrapped on and counted 6. The next morning is when I, clear thinking and level headed, decided to paper pierce where I wanted my string. I used less string and I also got a more accurate sheet music appeal by having the 5 strings stop at the line I drew as opposed to the end of the card.

In case you were wondering...
What is that?
*This is the G-clef

A clef (French: clef "key") is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes. Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the staff, it indicates the name and pitch of the notes on that line. This line serves as a reference point by which the names of the notes on any other line or space of the staff may be determined.
If this interests you can read more on this

The green foil used in this card is for a printer or copier it's a desktop transfer sheet, I have them from two different brands one is called Color Maze by AdMaze Technologies, INC.

 The other brand I have is IBIFOIL by ibico.
      They come in LOTS of different colors.
I am sure they are still made today even though my mom bought them back when I was a little kid. They had never been used until I re-discovered them for my crafts. You can use these with foil glue, embossing powders and heat and stick powders, double sided tape, and 2 way glue pens.
I love to take lots of pictures from several different angle cause a card always looks different in different lighting and it makes it more like holding the card in your hand, you get to see more of it.

 Supplies used:
Cardstock-Cream (Recollections)
Stamps- holly (Warm Holiday Wishes, Inkadinkado)// guitars (Just Chillin', Making Memories)
Inks- watermark Versa Mark pad/pen
Embossing Powders- red, metallic green, black with glitter (Zing, American Crafts)
Embellishments- brads (Making Memories)// black string
Accents - black pen (Foray)// green foil paper (IBIFOIL by ibico)// holiday recycled card front
Tools- paper piercer and pad, sheet music for guide, ruler, thick sewing needle, pencil w/eraser
Adhesives - Tombow Mono permanent, zig 2 way glue, scotch tape

Essential Oil - Christmas Spirit E.O. (Young Living)
 to learn more visit
To order this essential oil visit

Recycle card front from last years Christmas cards

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