Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The craft table's checkerboard and faux techniques - Black Cat Scraps

   So, when I'm not doing my usual you tube crafts, I like to work with wood and bulid things. I have framed my basement when we remodled it, I have built a chicken coop and other constrution like tasks. I also love to paint an have always loved the idea of faux painting techniques

     Here is the lovely craft table that I have refurbished. It originally was an aviary that I had to take apart to remove it from my old room when I moved out of my parents house. The pieces had been sitting in my garage for years, I finally used the old pieces to made a craft table instead. Since the type of wood was not solid, it is 5 layer plywood like A/B, I think (meaning that one side was an "A" quality and the other side was a "B" quality finish). I didn't want to finish it with varnish or anything like that, I decided to paint it instead.

    I'm sure you've notice the hole on the end... it was originally there so that I could have a shallow Tupperware bucket in it so that my birds would have a place for their food bowls. If you birds, they are messy eaters and I always disliked it when they jump in their dish and kick food around, so the Tupperware collects what they kick out and there is no loss of food or mess. 

I happen to keep my 12 x 12 pattern papers in two Tupperware buckets, like a filing system. The two buckets fit in the hole perfectly and I like having the pattern papers close by. It is a nice way to store my papers. I do have more than the buckets will hold and I am losing some table space, but good thing the buckets fit into the table and the table is quite large.

The faux finish looks much neater in person, but that is a given I suppose. For some reason I like checker patterns. They are easy to create and in small amounts or large scale they look really cool. Maybe because they work because you need two colors to make it work and the combinations that can be made and the way they look in that pattern to me is just awesome.

This pic really shows the effect I was going for by stamping both colors instead of having just the white stamped on a blue background. I like it and I am proud of it.

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