Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black Cat Scraps has some exciting NEWS!!! update

   Well I suppose there is really no need to have a video on here if you are just going to be reading anyways but then again you get to read with more entertaining lettering...

Ok so the point of this video was really to announce what has been happening while Black Cat Scraps was taking a mini vacation and Well, It starts like this...

     A month before my 25th birthday I made a request/ wish that I wanted to reach 1,000 Subscribers by June 10th. I kinda thought I wouldn't get it and maybe that is why, I knew that I would get at least more than average though. I was sitting at 496 subs or so, I think. So I did do a giveaway for reaching 500 subs. I had a rocky time right before my birthday and really needed some time to just myself. I spent time away from my kids and my husband. I reflected on myself, on where and who I wanted to be. I worked on letting things go, resentment and judgements I passes on people. Personal story short, I grew and I feel I am in a much happier state. I was still really bummed about now reaching my goal and it seemed that I actually lost more subscribers in that month than I did the whole 9 months prior. I understand that some people subscribe and then unsubscribe, it just seemed like I was really getting rained on. It also felt like I was doing all this work for nothing. I had applies for partnership a week or so before my birthday and I was turned down. I knew I wasn't ready yet for it but I was applying for one video in particular, The sexy slit back t-shirt recon. It was reaching 8,000 views and I thought it would be eligible for revenue.

   So I was working really hard on my videos, staying up til 3 am to get them finished and posted, not reaching my goal, felt like more people were unsubing, I was turned down for partner, and all the videos that I said I was going to post were all edited and just needed voice over and music, well my editing program crashed and the files were corrupted and now program is very testy. I was really sad. so I thought that it would be best to relax and take a break from posting videos and take a vacation from "play" which started to feel like work.

so, weeks after my birthday when, I started to get my application in for school, and right after my husband and I came back from his second mountain bike race all banged up with a fractured foot, I received an email from You Tube congratulating me and saying I can earn revenue form my videos. Which made me want to make this video announcing the exciting news! I wish it was me in front of the camera instead but it was just easier and faster for me to do it this way.

   I am working on getting back on track and playing again. I do feel like the creativity is coming back and I am really excited about school because I am going to take all the art classes they have to offer, not all at once though, and share them with you all. I am also going to take MGD (Multimedia Graphic Design) classes to help improve my video production quality. I do want to earn a degree and maybe a certificate but for mow I will play as long as I can. Degrees come later. So I plan on majoring in Art and major/minor in Videography!

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