Friday, April 29, 2011

SOCKS! Having daughters ROCKS!

      I love socks. I LOVE SOCKS. When ever I have a really bad day and need to have a pick me up it always feels good to go shopping. Well, when I was younger shopping for sock was my guitly pleasure. It is the one ting for me that gets dirty really quick so having a nice crisp white pair fresh out of the dryer is so devine.

    Today I bought my oldest, Shiori, some socks. There was no bad day involved or the need for a pick me up but teh fact that everytime I'd reach in her sock drawer and get her out a pair of scoks there were like three pairs that still fit her and they were no where to be found. Her feet seem to be larger than the average 4t. Her great grandmother just bought her socks for her 4th birthday that were marked her size. the were specifically saposed to fit 4t but they were FAR from it. the fit the 2 year old better.

So at Target I was on a mission to find socks that were going to fit. Went to the little girl section and found bunches of pairs that were sized by shoe rather that age. size 9-2.5 shoe worked out much better and I found here a cute belt in that section too. But back to the scoks. I got her 3 packs each with 7 pairs, tie diye and days of the week!!!! I also got her some knee highs that were supper cute.

This is my favorite pair. Yellow is my favorite color, it has a cute skull and I think wednesday is my favorite day of the week

I found some really cute shorts that right now are too
 big cause she is a skinny thing, but good thing
 I got her her first belt!


Here she is modeling her new socks

Having little girls to spoil is so much FUN!!

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