Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Cat Scraps T-Shirt Reconstruction

   Check out this awesome video!!! I made a t-shirt for most of the girls in my family, Rae, Charity, Breanna and my mom. This one in particular was made for my sister, Rae (she is an AWESOME massage therapist!!! ) I hear she wears it a lot. I'm glad, it made a great Christmas gift. Also, got great feed back from my 16 year-old sister (in-law Breanna), she wore hers to school and got a... lot of awesome comments. That makes me very happy. Craft: success!!

  I know this shirt idea is not for everyone, however, it does look a lot different in other colors besides black. You could just do the sleeves with just slits, the knit, or ties. Make one as a gift to a young woman whom you find hard to shop for. Thanks for watching! Share this post!


 Massage Massage Massage I love my sister Massage Massage Massage!!!

   If you are in the Lakewood/Denver area and are in need of the best massage therapist that I know of, aside from one other but she is in Cali, GO SEE Rae!! Rae of Light Massage at Asana Health and Wellness in Lakewood, CO 

Video about Rae of Light Massage

Note: Her location is at Asana Health and Wellness

1075 S Yukon St, Ste 340, Lakewood, CO 80226

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