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Black Cat Scraps- Victor's Secret

Creating Victor's shorts is very easy.
For sale at my Etsy shop

You will need on of those bags that the extra bras straps come in. they come in black and white that I know of. Cut (less than half) of the bottom of the bag part off. Leaving a little more than half way for the shorts. Then at the center of the bottom cut a slit about a half inch. then fold over the seams in so that it looks like real shorts and then sew them in place. Add a heart shaped peace of fabric or a foam heart to cover up the "No-No" bits. Sew that in place. Use black thread to make a detailed stitch around the heart. Make sure a bit of the heart hangs below the top of the inseam.

With the ribbon you can do two things: Fold the ribbon at the "R" and then fold it back to where the "R" covers up the "A" leaving the ribbon to say "Victor's" then sew the folds in place.

OR: you could cut the ribbon right next to the "R" (make sure you cut straight) and then line up the ribbon to where it says "Victor's".

Then attach the reconstructed ribbon to the front of the shorts. Tack the ends down well and do a loose stitch across the front. Make sure that the stitches in the front are close together. The stitches in the back can be further apart.

For sale at my Etsy shop

The Hanger
   I recommend 18 gauge wire and just play around with it til you get the shape you want. To close it off pinch the top of the hanger where the end pieces meet and then pinch the bottom where the two end pieces first come together and twist with the hand pinching watch carefully as you twist to make sure it is the perfect amount.

I have ran out of bags to make more. I no longer shop at Victoria's Secret but I'm sure if I were to bring my card into a Victoria's Secret store and ask for more of those bags I have a feeling they might give me a few. If you have any that you would like to gift to me pleas let me know!!!

For sale at my Etsy shop

This here was one of my most favorite creations of cards that I have come up with. The idea started three years ago, which was about the time I really started getting into crafting cards. My brain is always thinking and it must have just popped into my head or the fact that those little bags look just like boxers even before I cut into them. If Victoria's name was any different the idea would have never worked.

The hanger can be difficult to make sometimes. I do recommend 18g wire as it is more realistic for the size of the shorts. It is easier to get the hanger to bend the way you want if it is not as thick but then it may not be thick enough to look right or it will be too flimsy. I have tried it with 26 gauge wire and had to double or triple it on itself to make it thick enough so that it would stay ridged.

This 5" x 7" card is hand crafted and designed by me. Victor's Secret shorts on the front and the inside message: "I wanted to get my man something Sexy but they don't make a Victor's Secret"

Details: Front- Black sheer pants made from a little Victoria's Secret bag (the kind you get the extra bra straps in). The usual ribbon that comes with the bag has been altered to say "Victor's Secret". There is a foam hear sewn over Victor's... you know. Victor's Secret hangs on a hand made hanger with cute little clothes pins and is attached to the front of a card along with pattern papers, ribbon and brads.
        Inside- Insert of hand stamped hearts with acrylic paint. Message is written on scallop cut white strip of cardstock and pierced with a needle tool to make it look like lace. "Sexy" is stamped on red cardstock in black ink and glossed with embossing liquid. The lace strips are wrapped in sheer ribbon.

For sale at my Etsy shop

Supplies:  standard size card in 5" x 7"

The card front
* Heart shaped brads suitable color (I think mine are by Making Memories)
* 1/8" ribbon black and red (Offray)
* Pattern papers black and red with white dots (Making Memories)

The secret lingerie
* Victoria's Secret bag black with ribbon
* Tiny clothes pins or small  black safety pins
* Red pigment ink (Calligraphy collection, Pure Red by Zig
* Heart foam stamps (Making Memories)
* Foam heart
* Needle and thread in black
* 18g wire suitable color (black-The Beadery Craft Wire)

The card inside
* 2" sheer ribbon black (Celebrate it- Michale's stores)
* White cardstock red and white (Recollections)
* Sharpie pen (works great)
* Black StazOn ink
* Stamps "Sexy" (Making Memories- Classic Alpha Mixed)
* Craft glue, glue dots, Tombow Mono permanent adhesive
* White copy paper
* Acrylic Paint- Gloss colors: Hot Rod Red, Raspberry, Pink Blush (Apple Barrel, PLAID)
* Specialty glaze- pearl (Making Memories)
* Liquid Embossing clear (All Night Media, PLAID)

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Allison {{Hugs}}

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