Monday, December 20, 2010

Black Cat Scraps- Deck The Halls

This card features a few special things. I added a chain made from quilling papers. I wrapped the paper around a pen, trimmed and glued the end on itself, making a ring. By doing this same step but adding previously made rings, two at a time, you can crate a continuous chain. You can also alternate colors.

    The Christmas tree and holly and berries are quilled too. I film making these embellishments however I am unable to used the footage at the moment so I either may re-film it or edit the clips on a different computer that can support HD video camera.
        The tree was made by quilling a series of circles in different sizes and pinched into a tear drop shape and glued at the cluster of circles near the center, at the bottom of the tear drop. with the larger quilled pieces at the bottom and gradually getting smaller at the top. I topped the tree off with a star made by making a circle and having the yellow paper wrap around it self a few times so that the circle is thicker. I place the circle on my gluing board and place 5 pins in a pentagon shape around the inner parts of the circle. Then in between each of the 5 pins I add a pin. These pins will sit inside of the first five pins. but instead of placing it on the inside I place it on the outside of the circle. when placing the second set, force the pin to pull some of the circle inward, keep it even. Doing this with all five pins will create a star.

   To make the holly and berries
    The berries are very easy to make, just take the red quilling paper and make a tight circle. I think I used about a 6" strip to make my circles the size they are. For the leaves I used a full strip (24"), quilled it and glued only the first outer circle, you want this quilled circle to stay a centered swirl, I glued it in the largest circle on my board. Once dry I pinch the circle, keeping the center still at center, and make it fold into a line. I gently pinch the top and bottom points of the "line" and press, making it fold in half the other way.  Then by pinching one half of the flattened circle to the center and the tip of the other side with my other hand I bring my fingers together like I'm going to make them kiss. This will create a point on the leave. Do the same step to the center and the other end and you have created the leave shape of a holly.

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