Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ScrapGenious How to make a Butterfly Fan- The Butterfan

A few ideas for these really cute butterfans.
 Besides having them for a scrapbook page or a card you can also make these bigger and have an arrangement of them on a wall. very pretty.

 One year I made the to half a purple and the bottom half a lavender color and had added purple wire for the antena. I added string and gave them to all the separate houses in the family for christmas as a tree ornament! I also made small purple paper bags with a butterfly stamp and  filled them with chocolates and Young Living's Lavender chapstick (my favorite by the way!). For my grandma since she getting old and doesn't care to have a tree up any more I made her a butterfan but I added a skewer stick instead so that she could stick it in one of her indoor potted plants. she still has it.

I think I also adde a dangle charm to the "tail" of the butterfan. with beads or something.

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