Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Card Short... Thinking of You Tube by: Black Cat Scraps

    I have been working on a new intro for my videos... I also am starting a new craft series called ScrapGenious (genious spelled that way as in ingenious) The concept of the series will be crafting in all levels of supply access meaning that this is for the crafters that have little to no access to traditional craft supplies like stamps, inks, pattern papers, embellishments etc. you get the idea. So the beginning of the series will cover embellishments. I will show how to improvise by using anything and everything you can get your hands on and turn it into an embellishment.

   With that said, I had some clips that I was working on for the intro and for the new series, I went into the craft room to get more footage and I ended up making an entire card using emphasised filming. I edited this video into a really neat short and thought that I might as well make this as an intro to the new intros that you will see in the up coming videos!

I hope everyone who watches this video enjoys it and shares it with someone or many. That would be greatly appreciated.

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