Thursday, March 24, 2011

New crafts in the shop!!! for sale

Read on to learn more about me Allison.

 What's NEW in my shop? Well, I have been working on several different types of jewelry! Seed bead was on of my favorite things I used to do as a kid and teenager. I have been inspired to get out all my beads and make one of the most popular items I used to make for my friends. FLOWERS! I have all kinds of color beads and can make them in any combination. I used toggle clasps, lobster claps, I make them as bracelets, anklets, chokers, and necklaces. sometimes I make them into earrings so that they match the necklaces. I have also come across some really nice beads. They have what looks like a frosted finish and they look so classy.

The chokers can come with a chain attached so that the size can be adjusted. Tight choker or short necklace. Also it is really easy to add a charm to these. just clip it on right in between any of the flowers.

 I can alternate patterns with the petals of one having the same color of the center of another. A pattern of 10101010 or 110011001100 endless combination. There can also be a durastic color swap at the center of the choker or necklace for a focal point.

Origami is another past time for my childhood, and I loved to make them as small as I could. These origami earrings are really fun and classy at the same time. Very original and I will guarantee that they will be the topic of conversation.

Some say in order to sell your art you must first sell yourself. So this is whom I am… writing was never my strongest subject so please forgive the lack of composure.

I am a mother of two girls I love my family very much and I love what I do. I love to share my art just as much as I love to create art!

   I have been a crafter since birth really. I have always played with paper, scissors and glue. I used to hand sew little wallets together out of fabric and add on buttons when I was five. I would watch my mom make polymer clay beads for a necklace she was making. I fell in love with origami and would try to make them as small as I could. I often had to use toothpicks to fold them. I am easy to get gifts for. Hobby Lobby/Michael’s gift cards or pretty much everything that had anything to do with art. I was entered into 4 or 5 art shows starting with a clown I drew in the 1st grade, to a drawing in middle school, to a ceramic frog with Pikachu tails and sunglasses in high school. I took violin lessons for 10 years and also learned some guitar. I played some of the Christmas music for my You Tube videos (Black Cat Scraps). I first learned to sew on a machine when I was 12 and got my first sewing machine for my 13th birthday! I made a ring bearer’s pillow and an extravagant garter for my sister’s wedding. I sewed fancy stitching on all of my pants then and still have that machine today. I learned to knit when I was in the 9th grade and started to track my hours of knitting to earn a half credit for a gifted and talented program. I think I did this three times…I basically graduated with more credits than I needed. I have knitted a fancy pattern for a pillowcase, knitted a blanky for myself and two oversized king throws that are really hard to throw, husband loves them.
  I have always been athletic, was a body builder/ weightlifter in high school and had a max squat of 205 lbs. so proud! I could also bench my weight. I love yoga and it is my savior. For some reason I get pains in my lower back, probably from the bowling league I was on or all the bowling I did throughout my child hood, or maybe it was from landing on my tailbone. Whichever the cause Yoga has been the only thing that has ever helped especially long term.

   I have traveled to London; Pamplona, Spain (I was there a whole month); all over Sydney, Australia; New Zealand, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, San Juan, several states Hawaii, D.C.! As much as I have enjoyed traveling to everywhere I always love coming home to COLORADO, love it here and I feel my roots go deep (meaning I will always live here). Some it odd when I tell them that I have never been up to the ski areas and skied or snowboarded even though I live in Colorado. Well, there used to be a very large hill at the bottom of the street from us and as a kid every year all the kids in the neighborhood would sled down the mountain. When I was nine or ten the hill was developed on and there went that. Years later my parents moved into that development and we lived there until I turned 17. Then they found a beautiful home on a bigger hill called Green Mountain. Now that I have a family of my own guess where I live. One block away from both of the houses I grew up in. Cute. I know. Just thinking the other day at how many of the houses in the neighborhood I have actually been in. 12, which is a lot.
    I am a renaissance woman! I have changed all 8 spark plugs on a ‘67 Chevy Nova and replaced the starter, (ironically enough none of this happened with my father around but my step dad). My husband and I have replaced the roof of our house ourselves, we tore down the poorly built basement of the house we bought, framed it, hung the drywall, put in rounded corners, applied the putty, paid some one to texture (which honestly I’ll just do myself next time), and painted. And then added more paint in patterns! We have also replaced the siding and put on stucco instead! There is also a side of our house that originally had no windows so we installed some ourselves, that took a lot of work.

  I grew up at the racetracks. My dad was into sprint cars and raced his own dragster that he built in our garage. From birth ‘til about the age of eight I was at the tracks every Saturday rooting for the Gambler. My dad retired from racing. My mom traveled the world and excelled in her Young Living business to the point that my dad was able to retire from his self owned business in automotive at the ripe age of 46. I had a watchful, hawkful eye on me until the day I moved out of the house 5 months before my 19th birthday. My parents divorced that same year and my relationship with my father has never been the same and at the moment is at a stand still.

    I did well in school; I did great in art, math and science. I graduated with a 3.845 GPA and lettered 3 times in academics. I took calculus and pre-calculus my senior year. Real fun. Passed. Got an A in pre and a B in calc.
    Not to get too deep into it but my father has always told me that I should not work towards getting any professions as an artist because I will never make any money. Well will supporters and talent He is wrong. I struggled for 6 years after I graduated from high school to find what I wanted to do (to make money). I went to collage. I went to The University of Denver for a whole semester. I left after only one semester because the class options for undecided were just not for me. I just can NOT get away from it, I LOVE ART all of it in every way, everything crafty, paint, yarn, canvas, needle and thread, paper and pencil, wires and pliers. Even drafting and lumber. My dream is to go back to school for art. All forms of it. Cooking, drafting, design, videography and maybe some business management.

My husband and I meet at the place we worked, we moved in together, a year and a half later we signed paper for a house the same day we found out we were pregnant had a baby, later signed papers to be married with Shiori as our only witness. Then found out we wanted more babies. Had another baby, Shakiya. We are holding off to have our third for a few more years; number three will be a boy.

    As of now I have been following my dream of crafting and have been posting You Tube videos since September 1, 2010. I wish to be able to be a You Tube Partner and profit from my videos. So support by subscribing! I love the Young Living Company and do some of that as a business too. I wish for that business to blossom and I also wish to be able to profit for my crafts that I make by selling them. I would love to be a designer of some sort and would love to make enough money to put my girls in day care so I can go full throttle on my business. Having a 2 and 4 year old to take care of is a full time job all on it’s own.

I would also love to have a formal wedding and marry my beast friend the right way.

I take requests. If there is anything that you see here I can make one just for you! Even if it is different bead colors that you see from two separate bracelets.

Remember, these crafts were not made in a sweat shop over seas.

They are made by me here in the U.S. 

I feel that all of my work is price fairly and what I feel my work is worth. 


If I sell them any lower, then I will be in my own sweat shop. 


Support an artist. 


A supported artist's belly is always full. 




My Family Thanks You Too!

 If you enjoy watching me on You Tube then make sure you subscribe. The more support the close I get to my dreams!

Thanks for your support! You are helping my dreams come true!

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