Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy Creamy Noodle Soup by: Black Cat Scraps

This is one of my favorite things to eat. It taste Fricking AWESOME and  it doesn't cost a much. Oh and it IS easy to make. Really, all I do is put all the ingredients into the pot set the timer for 30 min depending on the type of noodle and I come back and it is ready. I have recently discovered that is taste really freaking awesome with some cheese. I have also tried with tossing in some rotisserie chicken. um

So the ingredients really just depends on your taste.
I hear someone had tried it with salsa.

This recipe came together when I had gone to my grandma's for lunch and she had made a cream of chicken soup and it was similar to mine except she used a crock pot, put in chicken in it, some cream (? or just the can and m=no cream) and used a can of Campbell's Cream of chicken. I don't like using Campbell's because of the ingredients and not great I think it also had food coloring in it which I have found out is the cause of the heartburn I used to have so My family stopped eating chemically colored foods. sad cause I gave up some favorites.  So my husband and I love to cook and decided to try our own version and the first batch, it was good but found was not the awesome version you see in the vid. I ended up just truing to cook pasta in broth to see if it would be yummy flavored noodles and then I started to a dd a few things. Voila!

If for some reason you need additional information about this recipe please leave a message in the comment s below!

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