Saturday, November 13, 2010

my Kiya Fights with Shoe

      This is my youngest, Shakiya or nickname Kiya. She loves shoes and to put them on and to take them off (in the car mostly).  Here she tries to put on a shoe that is too big for her. Should be easy right? Well, not so much. When the shoe doesn't seem to go onto the foot with a mind of its own, she tries to grab the moving foot and help it along. She gets frustrated  and upset. She will not accept help and tries again.

           I love how she starts a cute happy babble after the shoe is on and has no memory of the past struggles. Once the shoe is on she is then set to do something else. Yes she has gotten on top of the back of the toilet before. and She started to climb up onto the kitchen table before she was even 1 1/2 she is determined, stubborn, often bull headed, tough, sweet and full of energy. She is at the moment in love with the movie Sleeping Beauty and will spin in circles and dance around the room singing (in a recognizable tune and some of the words sound clear and distinguishable) the song "Once Upon A Dream" I oo yew aa dd aa da
so adorable. Her sister loves the movie too. and will also sing it with more clarity.

Thanks for watching a cute video about my daughters 'try and succeed' story

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