Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to put handles on your textbook cover - Black Cat Scraps

Carry multiple textbooks in one hand easily and effortlessly

      So, I just got Final Cuts Pro 10, THANKS MOM AND MARK!!! I Love it. I used to use Pinnacle Studios 14 and I may still use it for odds and ends that I haven't learned yet how to do with Final Cuts or the intro that I made in Pinnacle I think I'll still use on occasion until I can figure out how to recreate a new one with my new program!! I do Really love Final Cuts and Totally look forward to catching up on editing lots more videos!!

I have been a little let down when I post a video and it is good just not so much crafting or what have you and I get thumbs downs and an overall feeling that I have been unappreciated. I do post these video for the fun. I may be earning revenue and I'm grateful it, however it takes time to earn enough to make it a career. I hope that some day soon my pennies with become dollars. With all that said I decided to add in some entertaining bits of video to keep my viewer's attention. So hope you enjoy and if you are one of my loyal viewers THANKS also if you see one of my videos that have ads PLEASE take the time to check out the ads, they pay the way to my financial freedom! If my videos have ever disappointed you in the past...well I can't apologize for something I am proud of.

I am really PROUD of this video and I hope that you enjoy it and share it with all your friends! Check out the ads on this blog and the videos I post. Thanks to all my fans!!

 About this video: In HS I was taking lots of honors classes and I had lots of textbooks I had lots of other things to carry in my backpack and I had back pains from the weight of my bag so it was in my best interest to carry my books rather that put them in my backpack. I had to caver them anyways and there were bags with handles in with the saved brown paper bags and it just clicked. I used this technique two years in a row and never had any problems. I love it. even though My books are smaller now that I'm in college again I still like to carry them this way


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